In our last blog, we discussed everything we want you to know about our RV Dealer Access Program- from the details of the program to how to get signed up. If you weren't already convinced of the amazing benefits and exclusive details of the program, our team at MWSS, Inc. wants to share those with you today and why you should sign up.

dealer access program

Benefits of the RV Dealer Access Program

1. Exclusivity

The RV Dealer Access Program is available exclusively to RV dealers of the RV industry. The program offers an online marketplace for dealers to use and shop, accessible through a portal on our website. As a dealer, you will be able to browse and shop new products that are being sold to RV manufacturers.

2. Lower Prices

The program allows dealers to have access to exclusive products at a lower-cost price. The products offered through the program are specifically designed for B2B (business-to-business) dealers who will sell these products to RV owners.

3. Unique Products

Dealers will get premium, first-hand access to new products hitting the market such as Skytracks, Lifestyletables, and others that are exclusively sold through MWSS. These products will not be sold through any other retailer or vendor.

Sixty percent of our products are GE Appliances brand and forty percent are from other brands within the RV industry. We are honored to have a special partnership with GE Appliances that allows us to sell RV-specific appliances made by GE exclusively to the RV industry. Read all about MWSS's partnership with GE Appliances in this blog.

One of the newest and most unique products we are offering exclusively through the RV Dealer Access Program is the new GE Rooftop Air Conditioners. These units fit seamlessly on the roof of your camper and cool your entire vehicle with ease.

Here are some of the top features of the new rooftop air conditioners:

4. Faster Turnaround

The RV Dealer Access Program offers immediate fulfillment on product orders. Dealers in the program gain access to reduced service time for replacement of products. Our goal is to get our customers back out on the road enjoying your RV instead of sitting at the service shop waiting for a repair.

If you are interested in getting signed up for the program or learning more, you can access our Dealer portal now or contact us here.

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