What to Do If Your RV A/C Unit Goes Out

No one wants to deal with RV repairs of any sort, especially any that leave you stranded on the side of the road. When your RV A/C is out, the good news is that this isn’t something that’s going to stop you from hitting the road. It is, however, a major inconvenience. Camping during your time off in the summer is great, but sweltering in the heat inside your RV is a lot less great. 

So, what do you do when your RV A/C needs repair? Here are our five basic tips for figuring out how to handle your broken A/C.

Troubleshoot and Check the Manual

Your first step when you need RV A/C repairs is to troubleshoot. Look around for what might be the issue. It could be something as simple as your power source. Frying a generator because you had one too many things running at one time is a common issue. It’s not a fun one, but at least that will explain your A/C not working. If your A/C model is original to your RV, check your owner’s manual to see if there are any tips on quick fixes for your unit. 

Try Your Hand at the Repairs

There are a few things you can do yourself if your A/C unit isn’t in proper working order, such as cleaning dust and grime off the filters and coils. If it comes down to one part needing to be replaced instead of the entire unit, this is good news. Only try taking care of the repairs yourself if the unit is not connected to power and you have an idea of what you’re doing. There are a couple easy things, though, that anyone should be able to do. 

If your unit is leaking, try wiping down the condenser coils and seeing if you need to tighten or replace the gasket. If it’s running too loudly, make sure the rubber shock absorbers aren’t brushing against anything. If there’s ice around your unit, it may be time to top off your Freon.

Contact a Professional

If you’ve tried some simple repairs and it’s still not working, then it’s time to contact a professional repairman. Something could be wrong with your motor, thermostat, circuit board, compressor, or any of a number of things, that you likely don’t have the tools or expertise to fix on your own. Get a quote from a professional and see if your unit is repairable and worth salvaging.

Replace your RV A/C Unit

No one wants to make the hard call to spend extra money on a brand new unit, but sometimes it’s a necessity. Repairs can get more expensive than they’re worth and with an older unit, it may be time to bite the bullet and replace it entirely. 

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In the future, maintain and clean your A/C unit regularly.

Keeping up with regular maintenance and cleaning helps make your RV A/C last a lot longer. In fact, it’s not only a suggestion but a necessity. This important part of your RV won’t last forever, but a lot of future problems can be solved by cleaning and checking for general maintenance every six months. You should have it inspected and cleaned professionally every once in a while, too.

It may not seem like it during some parts of the year, but your A/C unit is an important component of your RV, especially if you’re planning a summer road trip. The good news is that repairs should be fairly simple, and even when they’re not, it’s easy enough to replace the unit. Don’t forget to check in on it every once in a while to make sure everything is in proper working order—and only do so with the unit unplugged!

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