Looking for the best RV air conditioner (AC) unit for your RV lifestyle? GE Appliances has an option for everyone. They’ve perfected their versatile rooftop air conditioners with options that make it easier for RVers to find the one that best suits their needs. 

A Variety of GE Appliances Rooftop Air Conditioner Options

GE Appliances’ rooftop air conditioner is customizable with several integrations built-in that meet the needs of every RV. 

Whether you need more power, more efficiency, or one that will still work in the winter, GE Appliances has a rooftop air conditioner for you. This unit has four main options to choose from:

While it’s easy to see the convenience of multiple options, what do the differences in these models really mean?

Similarities Between GE Appliances Rooftop Air Conditioners

Every GE Appliances rooftop air conditioner is sure to provide reliable cooling performance with a flexible airflow. 

These units are built to last with a durable design that includes corrosion-resistant coating, heavy-duty motor support brackets, reinforced screw holes, and extensive vibration control testing. They are sleek and aerodynamic, easy to install and quiet, with reduced noise and vibration.

What Makes Them Different?

Choosing the best air conditioner for you from these four categories depends on your preference and need. 

The biggest difference between a 13,500 BTU unit and a 15,000 BTU one is power. If you plan on camping in some particularly hot and sunny places, you might need the extra boost. Otherwise, a 13,500 unit will reliably cool an RV in temperate climates just fine.

High-efficiency models are a great option for larger RVs that want the comfort of an extra unit or want to run more electronics at the same time. And heat-pump models are built for continuous operation and will keep your RV comfortable at temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Benefits of Choosing GE Appliances Rooftop Air Conditioner

No matter which air conditioner you choose, we all know the wear and tear that rooftop AC units endure. But with the GE Appliances rooftop air conditioner, you can replace just the outdoor unit and hook it up to other existing control systems. These repairs are easier and more efficient, so RVers can spend more time on the road and less time stuck fixing the AC.

Not sold on just those four options? Don’t worry. Those aren’t the only customizations; these units come with a number of control options, hookups, and more. Don’t discount these key features:

With everything these GE Appliances air conditioners have to offer, you can always find the perfect AC unit to fit your RV travel style. Every model is made to reliably keep RVers comfortable, while also ensuring they won’t have to replace their AC every year. 

No matter what you’re looking for, MWSS has an RV air conditioner for you. We recommend only the best RV appliances and partner with companies like GE Appliances to make sure you get quality every time.

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