RV bathrooms are usually known to be small and crowded, causing unnecessary struggles in your daily routine on the road. However, with the right styles, your RV bathroom can be both comfortable and functional while you are enjoying life on the road in your camper. If your current RV bathroom could use some upgrading, making some simple cosmetic updates is a great way to increase functionality, appearance, and overall use of your bathroom. Today we want to share our top tips for a successful RV bathroom update so that you can have a stylish, functional bathroom – even in your camper!

Updating Your RV Bathroom

Top 3 Tips For A Succesful RV Bathroom Update

1. A Fresh Coat of Paint Goes a Long Way

Our first tip is as simple and as cost-effective as it gets – paint. Most people forget that something as simple as paint can make a substantial difference when it comes to the overall look of a room. The easiest step to remodeling your RV bathroom is fresh color and coat of paint.

Some of the top colors we recommend painting your bathroom for a neutral, nature-like feel include:

These colors are all found within nature and will create a serene atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. Additionally, lighter colors help make a space look larger than it actually is.

2. Update Your Backsplash

Backsplash can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bathroom's overall aesthetic.

Peel-and-stick tiles are a great choice for an RV. Not only are they simple and mess-free to install, but they’re extremely lightweight. From a distance they are reminiscent of glass tiles, only they require no mortar and no grout. They only add a little extra weight, and there’s no need to worry about breakage as the RV shifts while driving down the road.

3. Organization Is Essential

No matter what "theme" or color scheme you choose to design your bathroom in, organization and small touches are what truly tie in all of the pieces to complete an RV bathroom renovation. As we mentioned earlier, muted, subtle colors are our personal favorites when it comes to wall color. However, when it comes to your bathroom's accessories, this is where you can have some fun and play with bolder colors or prints.

To complete your bathroom's new look, you will want to add in items such as plush towels, a soap holder, toothbrush holder, shelves/containers for common hygiene products such as cotton pads, q-tips, and bath products. Storage bins can be great ways to organize even in a small space but provide key organization that is needed while you are on the road in your camper.

When combined, all of these small but efficient steps create a brand new bathroom space that will not only meet your daily needs but feel like a luxury home bathroom rather than an RV one. Luckily, MWSS has lots of RV appliancesaccessories, and electronics available to you that can complement and complete any RV updates you choose to take on this season!

If you're tackling an RV project this spring, read some of our tips on RV renovation in this recent blog. You can shop our online store here or contact our team for specific questions about your RV today. We would love to help you with your next remodeling endeavor!

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