The space in your RV is limited, which is why you have to travel light, smart, and most of all- come prepared with the best RV appliances and accessories to make your camping trip a success! At MWSS, we want to provide our customers with the best possible appliances and electronics in the RV industry. Additionally, we are here to share some of our favorite RV accessories that will enhance you and your family's camping experience. Some of the smallest additions can truly impact the way you camp and how successful you are in your approach.

Electronics/Technology Are Valuable- Especially At Your Campsite 

Although some campers love the idea of unplugging from the hussle and bussle of their daily lives and take a break from their phones/other electronics, the use of technology can be very beneficial on a camping expedition. Here are our top three picks for the must-have electronics you need this camping season: 

Whether you spend most of your time inside the RV or if you're outdoors adventuring, having multiple charging ports on deck is always handy and a good idea. For either your cell phone or one of your many portable electronics- having the ability to charge them at an easy convenience is helpful. Many RV manufacturers have started to make their campers with USB charging stations into furniture such as in cupholders on chairs and couches. 

Especially in the middle of the woods or on a dark campsite, having proper lighting not only provides necessary lighting for nighttime activities, but for safety purposes. During extreme weather conditions, LED lights give high intensity, bright lighting to assist the driver- making a safer trip possible. 

Similar to newer vehicles in the last ten years, back-up cameras all the rage in newer RV models. The size and capacity of RVs can make it difficult for drivers to safely operate these vehicles. Back-up cameras make it easy to reverse and be more aware of their surroundings. 

Outdoor Accessories: 

A fun feature to add to your RV is an outdoor RV speaker system. One of our top audio companies we work with at MWSS is Pummel. They have a wide variety of audio speakers that are perfect to install on the outside of your RV to project great tunes and music around your RV. One of our favorite RV exterior speakers is the PUMMEL DRIVE RV/MARINE SPEAKERS 5.25" BLACK (PD-525-BW)

No matter the season, a camping staple is sitting around a campfire with your family and friends- enjoying s'mores or roasting hotdogs is an enjoyable memory. Having a portable propane fire pit makes it easy to set up anywhere you go on your trip. 

When the hot, humid months of summer come- which will be here before we know it, the air inside of your RV can be become muggy and uncomfortable. Poor ventilation or even just the opening and closing of your main door can cause all of your air conditioning to literally go right out the door! An air mulitplier table fan can cool an entire room with ease, making it the perfect indoor staple for your spring/summer camping trips. 

One of our featured RV accessories is the black satin lifestyle table. This table can be attached to the side of your RV with easy installation and no damage to the exterior of your vehicle. It can be used for almost any occasion, from outdoor barbecues to gathering supplies before a hike. The lifestyle table we carry is made of stainless steel and aluminum to hold up to 55 pounds. 

Indoor Accessories:

The Instant Pot is an innovative approach to quick, easy cooking. Similar to a crockpot, it has an all-in-one cooking concept that can do anything from slow cooking to pressure and steam cooking. This cooking device can make your on-the-road meal preparation as fast as ten minutes to thaw, prep, and cook a full chicken dish- it's that easy with the Instant Pot and truly changes the nature of your cooking game!

Although some people enjoy the blissfulness of nature when they are on a camping trip, having access to important information via the news for current events, the weather, etc. is important. A television can be an informative and entertaining element to include in your RV for family fun- such as watching movies or even hooking up an XBOX/play station for video games! This can entertain your kids and visitors when they are staying in your RV. One of our favorite brands and models is the Pummel Drive 39" LED HD TV.

Anyone who has ever been on a camping trip knows that you are bound to lose signal at some point on your quest. The same thing goes when you are on your campsite. There is usually a wifi adapter onsite at your campground but with many people, your signal can become limited. A wifi ranger can stretch your signal for up to 2 miles, so you don't have to worry about being close the the campsite router for connection. 

We all know there is a great need for extra storage in an RV. With Sky Tracks, you can get creative about where and how you store your extra belongings. From the ceiling you can install your storage bag to hold your necessary camping items while leaving your RV space free of clutter and in an organized fashion. Check out the grey storage bag and starter bundle we have have available now. 

Keeping your RV up-to-date with the latest and greatest accessories will ensure your camping trip will be a success. If you have any questions regarding the RV accessories we carry at MWSS, contact us here

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