The GE Appliances Rooftop A/C: Quiet, Efficient, and Reliable

Rooftop air conditioners are the most popular type of unit for RVs and with good reason. GE RVAC rooftop units are made to be a reliable air conditioner, as well as quiet and efficient. Keep reading to see why MWSS, Inc. recommends rooftop units for your RV.

Benefits of a Rooftop A/C for Your RV

One of the best things about rooftop A/C units is that they are out of the way. In an RV, space is everything and with a unit on the roof, you’ll maintain floor space and your windows.

If you’re worried about clearance on the top of your RV, rest at ease. Rooftop A/C units have a low enough profile to not interfere with clearance.

Another advantage of GE rooftop air conditioning units is how quiet they are. Any long-time RVer can agree that a noisy A/C can affect how you sleep at night. While floor and window units may or may not be loud, you can rest assured knowing that a high-quality air conditioner is going to work the best and stay quiet.

GE is a top brand for RV air conditioning units. Their high-performance motors are built with sound dampening rubber-grommets to reduce noise and vibration.

Rooftop units can also be safer than other types of air conditioners. Window units, for example, can sometimes release harmful fumes if not ventilated properly. Rooftop air conditioners will not have this problem.

These rooftop air conditioners are not just reliable but are proven to cool the large space in your RV in a short period of time. This, and several features of the units, allow the GE rooftop air conditioners to be energy efficient, saving you money and keeping you cool.

GE Rooftop A/C Units

GE RVAC rooftop units are designed for long-lasting performance and cooling power. They feature a sealed fan motor to repel dirt and debris, corrosion-resistant coatings, extensive vibration control, and a high-performance motor engineered for quiet operation. The units are aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and complement the overall RV exterior. Even the outside of these units is designed with a durable, automotive-grade, UV-resistant polymer.

GE A/C units are available for ducted and non-ducted applications and feature a variety of ceiling assemblies and controls including standard louvered vents, direct-control, or remote, programmable thermostats.

MWSS, Inc. partners with GE to provide our customers with these superior products. Through our partnership with GE Appliances, we are able to bring unique, top-of-the-line appliances to the RV industry. These products have the guaranteed GE quality you expect and the RV industry stamp of approval.

At MWSS, we want the best for you and your RV. That starts with high-quality products and continues through great service. We encourage you to check out our store to see the GE Appliances and other great products we are offering for our RV dealers and owners. To inquire about GE rooftop A/C units or to get one in your hands as soon as possible, contact us today.

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