Replacing an RV Air Conditioner with the GE Appliances Rooftop AC

At MWSS, Inc., we only offer the best RV appliances to our customers. We can recommend products that are a perfect fit for your style and your RV. If you’re looking to replace your old, tired-out air conditioner, GE rooftop units are a great way to go. These units are quiet, efficient, and reliable—everything you need for an RVAC.

Why Choose a GE Rooftop Air Conditioner?

GE is a trusted brand in appliances and builds only the best products to help keep you safe and comfortable while out on the road. These rooftop AC’s are easy to install, if you need a quick fix for a new unit. But quick does not mean a lack of quality; GE builds these RVAC units to last. 

These durable units quietly cool the interior of your RV without taking up valuable space inside. With a rooftop unit, you maintain your floor space and windows. Plus, they have a low-profile so they won’t interfere with clearance. Their construction is also well-suited for running quietly. No more noisy air conditioner keeping you up at night.

GE RV air conditioners are constructed to work better for longer with their corrosion-resistant coatings, heavy-duty motor support brackets, reinforced screw holes, and extensive vibration control testing. Cleaning and maintenance of the coil is a breeze, too, with expanded polypropylene.

Not only will this AC keep you cool during the summer and maintain energy efficiency, they also feature duct options and a variety of ceiling assemblies and controls for you to find the unit that best suits your needs.

If you find yourself in need of a new air conditioner for your RV this year, this GE rooftop model is hard to beat. MWSS partners with GE to provide our customers with these superior products. Through our partnership with GE Appliances, we are able to bring unique, top-of-the-line appliances to the RV industry. These products have the guaranteed GE quality you expect and the RV industry stamp of approval. 

At MWSS, we want the best for you and your RV. That starts with high-quality products and continues through great service. We encourage you to check out our store to see the GE Appliances and other great products we are offering for our RV dealers and owners. To inquire about GE rooftop air conditioning units or to get one in your hands as soon as possible, talk to a sales rep today

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