Pros and Cons of Combo Laundry RV Appliances

Trying to decide if a combination washer/dryer unit is right for your RV? We’re here to lay out all the facts, so you can make the decision for yourself. Like with any appliance, combo units have a few advantages and disadvantages. We personally think the pros far outweigh the cons, though.

Advantages of Washer/Dryer Combo Units

Convenience is the number one thing we’re thinking about when it comes to all RV appliances, not just laundry machines. High-quality performance, however, is a close second. With a GE washer/dryer combo unit, you get both. Here are the top pros that we love to brag about.

Space saver. If you’re wanting the convenience of an onboard washer and dryer, but don’t want to take up too much space, a combo unit could work well for you. This unit is a bit smaller than your average washer or dryer, so in total it takes up less than half the space as the ones you may have at home.

No more campsite laundry. Having a washer and dryer at the tip of your fingers prevents you from having to rely on campsite laundry facilities or a laundromat. Save yourself a trip and your quarters!

All-in-one. There’s no more forgetting to switch loads from the washer to dryer with a combination unit because there’s no need! These units are all-in-one: put dirty laundry in, pull out clean and dry laundry. Experience total convenience with a feature that automatically sets the correct dry cycle based on the chosen wash cycle or you can select the dry cycle manually.

Multiple cycle options. If you’re worried about some of your more delicate clothing items, don’t. Many of these units come with multiple soil level options and cycles to choose from including, but not limited to, normal, delicate, heavy-duty, whites, quick wash, sanitize, and more. With customizable options, your worries go out the window.

Check out all the cycle options and other features of a GE front load washer/condenser dryer combo here.

Disadvantages of Washer/Dryer Combo Units

These washer/dryer combo units are great options for what they are made for, but they aren’t perfect for every user. There are a few shortcomings, especially if you’re comparing them to your standard washer and dryer.

Not meant for large loads. Combination washer and dryers tend to be a bit smaller than traditional units, so they don’t work with larger loads.

Take longer. The drying aspect particularly takes more time than standard dryers. For this reason, it’s not ideal for multiple loads or if you are in a hurry.

If you’re washing clothes as you go, rather than letting them pile up in your hamper, then a combination washer/dryer unit could work out very well for you.

We love the GE combo unit because of all the features we mentioned. Even the downsides aren’t bad for many of our customers. MWSS is here to help provide you with the best RV laundry appliance options for your RV. Trust us when we say you won’t be disappointed.

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