Our History

MWSS, Inc. was founded in 1959 as Midwest Sales and Service and had been distributing products for the appliance and consumer electronics industry from the beginning. Over the years, MWSS has established strong manufacturer relationships and status as an Authorized Distributor for many top brands.
We believe our vendor and customer relationships are a key strength in maintaining high standards of product quality and availability. Today, we cater specifically to the RV and Manufactured Housing industries, but there is always room for growth. We run a “just-in-time” inventory platform with the latest technologies, always providing our customers with the highest quality products right when they need them. MWSS continually strives to bring new products and consistent service to both our vendors and customers.
With demand for RVs, parts and appliances growing consistently, we are more thankful than ever for our partnership with GE Appliances. From the start of our relationship in 1991 to the formation of our unique partnership in 2018, GE Appliances has proved to be a true champion of the RVer experience and MWSS is lucky to be a distributor of GE Appliances’s superior RV and mobile home appliances.
Since purchasing the company from his father in 2020, our current CEO Heath Wechter has been hard at work to bring MWSS, and the entire RV industry, into the digital age with enhanced operations. Our use of cloud-based programs like Salesforce allows us to be a leader in the industry by boosting our efficiency and better serving our vendors and customers. Our goal is to be smarter and more forward-thinking than our industry predecessors by providing innovative, high-quality products and superior service.
MWSS, Inc.