South Bend, IndianaMWSS, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of their RV Dealer Access Program. This program is exclusive to all certified dealers and partners that work with the company and within the RV industry. They will be offering special pricing, offers, and unique products specific to these dealers. MWSS strives to provide their partners, dealers, and customers with the best, latest, and fairest prices for products in the RV industry. Keep reading to hear all of the details about the program and how to get signed up. 

RV dealer access program

Background on MWSS, Inc.

MWSS, Inc. has been serving the RV community across the United States for over 25 years. They began with distributing residential appliances to local retailers and have grown to be an Authorized Distributor for these manufacturers nationwide. The company has formed relationships with some of the top appliance and electronic brands in the home and RV industries. Their goal is to bring top-of-the-line products to manufacturers when they need them and to reduce downtime on production lines.

Details of the RV Dealer Access Program

The RV Dealer Access Program is available exclusively to dealers that are in business with MWSS or within the RV industry. The program will act as an online marketplace for these dealers through a portal accessible on MWSS's website. Through the portal, dealers will be able to browse and shop new product pages- not available to public consumers. MWSS is the first to launch a program to dealers within the RV industry. 

The program allows dealers to have access to exclusive products at a lower-cost price. The products offered through the program are specifically designed for B2B (business-to-business) dealers who will sell these products to consumers.

Dealers will get premium, first-hand access to new products hitting the market such as the GE Appliances Rooftop Air Conditioner units.

Here are some of the unique features of the rooftop A/C units:

Of all of the exclusive products available through the program, 90% are the GE Appliances brand and 10% are from other brands within the RV industry. In addition, MWSS has partnered with GE Appliances to provide dealers exclusive access to GE family of products, which includes brand names like GE Profile, Haier, and Hotpoint. GE's larger appliances will be shipped through GE's distribution network of 12 Area Distribution Centers and 170 local delivery locations while smaller appliances will be shipped via common carrier. All available products are currently being installed by RV manufacturers.

This program also offers immediate fulfillment. Dealers in the program gain access to reduced service time for replacement of products. Their goal is to get their customers back out on the road enjoying their RVs instead of sitting at the service shop. This makes it easier for RV OEM’s and dealers to access these products to then sell, overall helping dealers reduce their Repair Event Cycle Time (RECT).

How to Get Signed Up

Any interested dealers can access information about this FREE program and the registration page through the online portal set up on their website at In order to be considered eligible for the program, you will need to provide a form of dealer authentication, and once approved by their team, you will be enrolled.

Interested parties can also get signed up at these two upcoming RV shows that MWSS will be attending:

If you have any questions about MWSS's RV Dealer Access Program or how to get signed up yourself, feel free to contact the team at 574.287.3365.

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