South Bend, IndianaMWSS, Inc. is now a distributor of two brands from The Cardan Group, an Australian-based company. These two brands, SkyTracks and Lifestyletables, are RV accessory brands that offer options for maximizing storage and increasing usable space in your RV or camper. MWSS has partnered with The Cardan Group to introduce these two brands into the US market. There is a large demand in the United States and MWSS is excited to be the first to allow availability of Sky Tracks and Lifestyletables to the industry.

Background on The Cardan Group

The Cardan Group originated in 2003 from a father-son duo, Andrew Stolp and his father, Albert Stolp. Mr. Albert Stolp got the idea to begin this company as he was traveling the coasts of Australia in his RV. However, he was tired of having to pack an extra fold-up table to use on his trips. Shortly after, the pair visited an RV show to explore the options currently on the market. After no success in finding one, he then asked Andrew to design a prototype for a table that could be installed to the inside or outside of an RV. After developing 7 different designs, they came to one final winner.

After the finalization of their design in 2007 and a visit to Melbourne, the RV manufacturing centre of Australia, they determined a demand of at least 500 tables a month for their product, which later would be called the Lifestyletable. They began selling 10 units a day and  have reached 10,000 tables during their best year. Their product has been selling well in Australia, but they were wanting to expand their market into the United States. This is where MWSS comes in.

Background on MWSS, Inc.

MWSS, Inc. has been serving the RV community across the United States for over 25 years. They began with distributing residential appliances to local retailers and have grown to being an Authorized Distributor for these manufacturers nationwide. The company has formed relationships with some of the top appliance and electronic brands in the home and RV industries. Their goal is to bring top-of-the-line products to manufacturers when they need them and to reduce downtime of production lines.

MWSS, Inc. partners with a variety of top brands, such as Danby, GE, Haier, Frigidaire, and Premier, to bring their customers the best appliances and electronic on the market for their RVs and campers. They are excited to parter with The Cardan Group and have the opportunity to bring an Australian-based brand into the American RV Market.

The Partnership Between MWSS and The Cardan Group

As The Cardan Group was looking for an entrance into the American RV market. After meeting each other at the Elkhart Open House event at the RV Vendor and Supplier Showcase show, the two companies connected on being family-owned and have formed a partnership. MWSS would be their gateway into the American RV industry, selling products directly on the MWSS website. Their combined goal is to get these products and brands into the hands of manufacturers and dealers within the RV industry.

The first brand, Sky Tracks, is an RV storage unit brand offering units that ease the burden of limited storage in your camper. The first product they are selling from the brand is a Grey Storage Bag and Bag Bundle, that is hooked onto a track attached to the roof of your RV. Each bag retails for $34.00, and each bundle is $85.00. The idea behind SkyTracks is to make use of dead space, similar to overhead storage in an airplane, when there is limited space in your RV. This gives families options that are great for clothing due to the clear window that shows the contents inside of each bag. For families or larger parties, the idea is to give each person on your RV trip one bag and assign names to bags to easily locate and retrieve their items. SkyTracks is ideal because older model RVS do not have much storage space and campers do not want to waste their counter space for storage purposes.

The second brand, Lifestyletables, is a brand of tables used mainly on the outside of RV campers that offer convenient storage and space for any purposes from meal prepping to family fun. The first product MWSS has offered from the brand is a lifestyle table in black satin finish. Each table retails for $250.00. Lifestyle Tables can be used for-coffee/food storage, outdoor cooking, holding all appliances used for cooking without disturbing others in the van, low down access for dog beds, happy hour during social park settings, and much more.

The Cardan Group has secured patents in the United States for their products and look forward to seeing their success through their partnership with MWSS. MWSS is eager and excited to introduce these products into the current US market and to act as a catalyst for more international brands to come to the United States with innovative new products.

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