Organization in an RV, camper, or motor home can be a challenge in itself. With limited space and more people, there tends to be less storage than RVers typically need. From food to clothing, to games and supplies- there is lots to store in your RV when on extended camping trips or if you live in your RV. Fortunately, MWSS, Inc. is now a supplier of Sky Tracks Storage System. Sky Tracks is an innovative brand out of Australia, selling storage solutions such as accessories that can be used to utilize extra space in your RV. We know the pains of having clutter everywhere in your RV due to lack of storage, and we wanted to offer a product that maximizes your storage space!

We are now selling the grey Sky Tracks bag and starter bundle, which you can shop here. This bag is perfect to fit any clothes, toys, food, and more that you want to get organized and off our your cabinet space, couches, tables, etc. Sky tracks are easy to install with a simple DIY process and are able to hold lightweight, but high volume items. The grey design we carry fits in perfectly with most decor already inside of your RV since it is company and a neutral tone. The bag is secured on a rode placed on the ceiling and it can be moved around in the future if you decide you need extra storage in another spot in your RV- who doesn't love versatility!

If you are looking for other ideas of how to add extra storage in your RV or camper, we are here to help. We have come up with 5 additional tips for saving room and upping your storage!

  1. Use smaller storage bins in your cabinets: Storage bins are such a staple in your storage system! They take up little to no space but provide extra room in already used storage areas such as drawers, cabinets, closets, and even outdoor storage units.
  2. Hang, hang, and hang!: Any items that you can get off of your countertops, tables, or other surfaces you should do so. Items like dishes, pots/pans, food can all be hung up in order to clear that space of for other uses. The use of hooks, baskets, and other storage bins comes in handy here. 
  3.  Invest in pull-out surfaces: Surfaces that extend from countertops, tables, and bathroom vanities are useful for additional storage space. These hidden gems can save you lots of room when you are in need of space for all of your RV activities- from cooking to card games.
  4. Use Vacuum-Sealed Bags: The use of vacuum-sealed bags are useful when you have lots of plush items such as clothes, blankets, pillows, etc. and little space for storage. The bags will keep all of your items compact, fresh, and easy to store in your RV- and easy to access when you need to use your items again!
  5. Purge the extra things: We all tend to hold on to things we don't need. However, in an RV, you don't have the room for unused items to be taking up valuable space.

No matter which route you take to extra storage in your RV, there is no denying that additional space can save you the hassle of under-packing or being crammed if you overpack. Sky Tracks is the perfect option for additional overhead storage space! Neutral toned and easy to install, Sky Tracks will make obtaining additional room in your RV easy and accessible. We want to aide you in optimizing your organization, and our grey storage bag and starter bundle are the perfect first step. To shop them or browse more of our RV accessories, click here. Stay in touch- if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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