Whether you're purchasing your own RV or just renting one for your upcoming camping trip, finding an RV kitchen that meets your desired cooking needs is crucial to the success of your stay. Without the proper space, appliances, and sizing, your on-the-road meal prepping and cooking can get messy and time-consuming. By choosing an RV that matches your kitchen preferences, you will end up with the best possible kitchen set up and ready to cook all of your favorite meals- hassle-free. MWSS, Inc. has a wide variety of premier appliances and electronics to design your RV kitchen into the one of your dreams. First, you must determine the type fo kitchen you are working with.

The Various RV Kitchen Types:

These are the largest RV types and therefore, come with the most room and well-equipped of any RV kitchen. Because there is so much room in Class A RVs, you can expect to find almost as many appliances as you would in a regular home kitchen. To conserve space, you may not add or have as much countertop space or potentially not find a dishwasher, but one can always be installed. All of the necessary appliances are available for cooking including: a refrigerator, cooktop, oven, microwave, etc. One of the ovens we recommend is the GE PROFILETM AND CAFETM ADVANTIUM® OVEN; enjoy oven-quality results two to eight times faster than a conventional oven.

Class B RVs are noticeably smaller in size than Class A RVs. However, they are still fully-equipped with all of the necessary appliances you need to cook on the go. Most class B kitchens do not have an oven, so as long as you are not going to be doing regular baking- this kitchen will work great for your daily cooking needs. Class B kitchens still have full-size refrigerators in them, like the HAIER 14.9 CU. FT. FRENCH DOOR REFRIGERATOR we carry. This model has temperature management and fresh food features, with plenty of bins and cabinets for optimal storage space.

Most class C RV kitchens are fully equipped with all of the necessary cooking appliances you want and need. These include: a microwave, oven, stovetop, refrigerator, full-sized sink, etc. However, some may not include an oven or downsize certain appliances to save room such as a mini refrigerator or smaller sink. If these are important features in your RV kitchen, you may want to upgrade, however, if you're only looking for the basics, class C will be a perfect fit for you.

Fifth Wheels are the largest kitchens available on the markets for RVs. They come fully equipped with full-sized kitchen appliances and all of 'extras' you want in your kitchen. Counter space is an added benefit in fifth-wheel kitchens that gives it a homey feel, different from Class A-C kitchens.

An additional kitchen setup than can be purchased/rented separately from your indoor kitchen is an outdoor kitchen. Usually featuring cooktops and a grill, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition to your kitchen for spring and summertime fun. Some of the best delicacies and treats can be made and enjoyed outdoors on your camping trip- from hotdogs to s'mores.

To shop any of our RV kitchen appliances and electronics to fill your new or rented RV, visit our page to browse our list of the highest-quality, trusted brands. If you have any questions regarding what kitchen type is best for you or what appliances you should put in your RV kitchen, contact us here and we would love to answer them.

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