Whether you are designing your RV from scratch or simply remodeling your camper, today we want to share some of the top RV designs that are sure to inspire and delight your guests. After decades of wear, your RV design and decor becomes outdated and in need of refreshing. Many trends in home design change with the seasons and can go out of style as quickly as you incorporate them into your decor. Our goal for all of our customers is that you will choose designs that are timeless and will stay in style for many seasons to come.

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1. Farmhouse Style and Aesthetic

The farmhouse trend is a popular home design style that has been around for decades in true farmhouses in the country but has quickly become one of the most popular home design trends of the 21st century. The farmhouse aesthetic is meant to capture the true essence of a country farmhouse- minus the chickens and cows, but to each their own.

Some of the major components of the modern farmhouse style include:

2. Bold Patterns

If the farmhouse feel isn't your cup of tea, there's another style that is popular among RV designs to make your small space come to life. A common trend we have seen in the last year or two is the use of bold, geometric patterns in spaces around the RV. This provides a fun, modern feel to campers that can feel outdated without the addition of any contemporary decor or pieces.

3. Open Concept/Floor Plans

This is one of the biggest changes we have noticed in RVs in recent years among recently designed or remodeled campers. Many of the newer RV models are featuring larger, more spacious kitchens. Similar to houses, design trends have lended to adding more kitchen and counter space- as the kitchen oftens acts as a common space that families and friends gather to eat, talk, and celebrate together.

4. Large and Extra Windows

Lastly, a recent pattern we have noticed in newer RV models is large windows covering more surface area. Manufacturers are coming up with new and more creative places to add in windows to RV floor plans. The whole idea behind more windows is to bring in more natural light and make the campers feel more spacious/bigger.

5. Modern Appliances

One aspect that makes up any great design- home or RV- is a great kitchen full of new, top-of-the-line appliances. We carry state-of-the-art RV appliances ranging from refrigerators, microwaves, ovens/stovetops, and more! Outdated appliances can leave your RV looking stuck in the past and dull to your guests. Updating your applainces when they need to be replaced is a great way to keep a modern look and feel to your camper, no matter the year, make, or model.

We hope that these design elements inspire you to renovate or update your RV, or give you ideas to use when you are designing your camper. Our team at MWSS is always happy to help supply your camper with the accessories, electronics, and appliances to make your RV design dreams come to life. Shop our online store or contact us today with any questions you may have.

As many of our loyal customers and followers are already aware of, MWSS, Inc. is a proud partner of GE Appliances! We were honored to have been able to partner with this appliance mega giant within the industry this summer and are excited to continue the expansion of our products in collaboration with GE. One of the most esteemed products we are launching is the new Cool Series RVAC Rooftop unit. Keep reading to hear all about the special features of the new AC units and how you can purchase one.

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Special Features of The GE Rooftop Air Conditioner

The new Cool Series RVAC Rooftop unit is designed for long lasting performance and cooling power. It features a sealed fan motor to repel dirt and debris, corrosion resistant coatings, extensive vibration control, and a high-performance motor engineered for quiet opera on. The units are aerodynamically designed to reduce drag and complement the overall RV exterior. They are available in two colors, snow white and ice black- of durable, automotive-grade, UV-resistant polymer.

"We developed a product that addressed several pain points expressed by the industry and its customers," said Design Manager Dusty Henderson. "This is not simply a room air conditioner shoe-horned onto an RV. We were very purposeful in our design and engineering to create a superior product that stands out in the category." 

The Cool Series RVAC is available for ducted and non-ducted applications and feature a variety of ceiling assemblies and controls including standard louvered vents, direct-control, or remote, programmable thermostats. There are six models with 13,500 BTU and 15,000 BTU cooling op ons and two models that incorporate heat pumps.

GE Products Sold Exclusively Through MWSS  

In this recent blog, we discussed the ins and outs of our new partnership with GE Appliances. This RV rooftop AC unit will be sold exclusively through MWSS, along with other products such as the new 12-volt refrigerators which we will discuss in an upcoming blog. Through our partnership with GE Appliances, we are able to bring unique, top-of-the-line appliances to the RV industry. These products have the guaranteed GE quality you expect and the RV industry stamp of approval. You can purchase a unit for yourself through our RV Dealer Access Program, available now. Read more about the program in this blog.

These products have never been released or sold through any other RV distributor within the industry. We are honored to work with such a highly esteemed company like GE Appliances and look forward to releasing many new products to benefit all of our loyal customers, followers, and supporters. Stay tuned for more product releases in the future from our partnership with GE and all that we have to offer to the RV industry.

If you are in need of any appliance or electronic updates for your RV before your upcoming fall camping trip, shop our online store here. As always, contact us with any questions you have.

In our last blog, we discussed everything we want you to know about our RV Dealer Access Program- from the details of the program to how to get signed up. If you weren't already convinced of the amazing benefits and exclusive details of the program, our team at MWSS, Inc. wants to share those with you today and why you should sign up.

dealer access program

Benefits of the RV Dealer Access Program

1. Exclusivity

The RV Dealer Access Program is available exclusively to RV dealers of the RV industry. The program offers an online marketplace for dealers to use and shop, accessible through a portal on our website. As a dealer, you will be able to browse and shop new products that are being sold to RV manufacturers.

2. Lower Prices

The program allows dealers to have access to exclusive products at a lower-cost price. The products offered through the program are specifically designed for B2B (business-to-business) dealers who will sell these products to RV owners.

3. Unique Products

Dealers will get premium, first-hand access to new products hitting the market such as Skytracks, Lifestyletables, and others that are exclusively sold through MWSS. These products will not be sold through any other retailer or vendor.

Sixty percent of our products are GE Appliances brand and forty percent are from other brands within the RV industry. We are honored to have a special partnership with GE Appliances that allows us to sell RV-specific appliances made by GE exclusively to the RV industry. Read all about MWSS's partnership with GE Appliances in this blog.

One of the newest and most unique products we are offering exclusively through the RV Dealer Access Program is the new GE Rooftop Air Conditioners. These units fit seamlessly on the roof of your camper and cool your entire vehicle with ease.

Here are some of the top features of the new rooftop air conditioners:

4. Faster Turnaround

The RV Dealer Access Program offers immediate fulfillment on product orders. Dealers in the program gain access to reduced service time for replacement of products. Our goal is to get our customers back out on the road enjoying your RV instead of sitting at the service shop waiting for a repair.

If you are interested in getting signed up for the program or learning more, you can access our Dealer portal now or contact us here.

South Bend, IndianaMWSS, Inc. is now a distributor of two brands from The Cardan Group, an Australian-based company. These two brands, SkyTracks and Lifestyletables, are RV accessory brands that offer options for maximizing storage and increasing usable space in your RV or camper. MWSS has partnered with The Cardan Group to introduce these two brands into the US market. There is a large demand in the United States and MWSS is excited to be the first to allow availability of Sky Tracks and Lifestyletables to the industry.

Background on The Cardan Group

The Cardan Group originated in 2003 from a father-son duo, Andrew Stolp and his father, Albert Stolp. Mr. Albert Stolp got the idea to begin this company as he was traveling the coasts of Australia in his RV. However, he was tired of having to pack an extra fold-up table to use on his trips. Shortly after, the pair visited an RV show to explore the options currently on the market. After no success in finding one, he then asked Andrew to design a prototype for a table that could be installed to the inside or outside of an RV. After developing 7 different designs, they came to one final winner.

After the finalization of their design in 2007 and a visit to Melbourne, the RV manufacturing centre of Australia, they determined a demand of at least 500 tables a month for their product, which later would be called the Lifestyletable. They began selling 10 units a day and  have reached 10,000 tables during their best year. Their product has been selling well in Australia, but they were wanting to expand their market into the United States. This is where MWSS comes in.

Background on MWSS, Inc.

MWSS, Inc. has been serving the RV community across the United States for over 25 years. They began with distributing residential appliances to local retailers and have grown to being an Authorized Distributor for these manufacturers nationwide. The company has formed relationships with some of the top appliance and electronic brands in the home and RV industries. Their goal is to bring top-of-the-line products to manufacturers when they need them and to reduce downtime of production lines.

MWSS, Inc. partners with a variety of top brands, such as Danby, GE, Haier, Frigidaire, and Premier, to bring their customers the best appliances and electronic on the market for their RVs and campers. They are excited to parter with The Cardan Group and have the opportunity to bring an Australian-based brand into the American RV Market.

The Partnership Between MWSS and The Cardan Group

As The Cardan Group was looking for an entrance into the American RV market. After meeting each other at the Elkhart Open House event at the RV Vendor and Supplier Showcase show, the two companies connected on being family-owned and have formed a partnership. MWSS would be their gateway into the American RV industry, selling products directly on the MWSS website. Their combined goal is to get these products and brands into the hands of manufacturers and dealers within the RV industry.

The first brand, Sky Tracks, is an RV storage unit brand offering units that ease the burden of limited storage in your camper. The first product they are selling from the brand is a Grey Storage Bag and Bag Bundle, that is hooked onto a track attached to the roof of your RV. Each bag retails for $34.00, and each bundle is $85.00. The idea behind SkyTracks is to make use of dead space, similar to overhead storage in an airplane, when there is limited space in your RV. This gives families options that are great for clothing due to the clear window that shows the contents inside of each bag. For families or larger parties, the idea is to give each person on your RV trip one bag and assign names to bags to easily locate and retrieve their items. SkyTracks is ideal because older model RVS do not have much storage space and campers do not want to waste their counter space for storage purposes.

The second brand, Lifestyletables, is a brand of tables used mainly on the outside of RV campers that offer convenient storage and space for any purposes from meal prepping to family fun. The first product MWSS has offered from the brand is a lifestyle table in black satin finish. Each table retails for $250.00. Lifestyle Tables can be used for-coffee/food storage, outdoor cooking, holding all appliances used for cooking without disturbing others in the van, low down access for dog beds, happy hour during social park settings, and much more.

The Cardan Group has secured patents in the United States for their products and look forward to seeing their success through their partnership with MWSS. MWSS is eager and excited to introduce these products into the current US market and to act as a catalyst for more international brands to come to the United States with innovative new products.

For more information about this partnership or to purchase the products mentioned above, contact MWSS  here or shop online now.

MWSS, Inc. has partnered with an Australian company who we have introduced previously as the Cardan Group, to provide you- our loyal customers- with top-of-the-line RV accessories. The first product the company launched is called Lifestyletable. A Lifestyletable is a low profile RV folding table that is easily attached to the side of your camper, without the need of cutting a large hole into your exterior wall. Manufactured and designed in Australia with quality stainless steel, aluminum, and die-cast aluminum corners, these RV accessories are durable and withstand both wear and weight. Their premium structure is able to hold up to 55 pounds of anything and everything you need for storage or as an open surface area.

lifestyle table - rv

5 Fun Ways to Use Your Lifestyletable

Many Rvers are well aware of the hassle of preparing a large meal for multiple people with limited space inside of your RV. This is why many opt to prepare their meals and begin cooking outside as to not disturb others inside. This also eliminates the lingering smell of food inside of your camper which can bother others. You can use your Lifestyletable to layout all of your cooking ingredients and to display your many plates of delicious food once you have cooked it. Then it is easy for friends and family to gather around and fill their plates!

If you frequent RV campgrounds, you know that meeting new new campers is one of the best parts of your camping experience. Connecting with others who enjoy the same activities you do is a great way to make long-term friendships and potential travel companions for future trips. A popular event that many campers participate in, especially during the spring, fall, and summer months is a social or "happy hour". This a time where RV campers can gather together to enjoy snacks and drinks and to socialize. A great use for your Lifestyletable is to layout your spread for this event, including all of your dishes, food and drinks, and a table cloth to give it a homey, inviting look and acting as your rv dining table!

Similar to a social hour, your Lifestyletable can be used for another event of gathering with your friends and family to have fun together while on an RV camping trip. However, instead of food and drinks on your table, you can use this open surface as the playing field for a game night! From card games like poker and blackjack, to Scrabble and Monopoly, your Lifestyletable will provide you with ample space to house many games on it and room for you and all fo your guests to play all night long!

For all of our parents out there who bring their children on RV trips or even life full-time as a family in your RV, we have a fun solution to keep your camper free, or at least almost free, of messes. Instead of allowing your children to play with all of their toys and games in the shared common space of your RV, we recommend using your outdoor Lifestyletable as their playstation. This is also a great way to get your children outside.You can even laminate the surface so it easy-to-clean and messes can be cleaned up in no time. A creative idea is to laminate your Lifestyletable with a United States map and the children can easily draw on it with erasable markers to mark all the spots your family has been and plans to go!

Our final idea of how to creatively use your Lifestyletable in your RV is for your pet. When you install your table, you have full range and capability to lower it as much as possible. If you have a mostly outdoor pet, such as a dog, that you want to bring on your trip- this is a great option for you! You can install your table low to ground and put your pet's bed, food and water dishes, and toys on the table for convenience and comfort. This way your pet is always with you and has its on space so that it does not take away from your indoor areas. Also, your pet can be included whenever you are spending time outdoors on your RV camping trips!

You can purchase your own Lifestyletable today directly from out site now. We hope you have gotten some creative ides for all the ways you can use a Lifestyletable in your own RV! We would love to hear some of the purposes you find for this innovation in RV accessories. Contact us here if you have any questions about our products or inquiries about Lifestyletables. We are happy to help!

At Midwest Sales and Service, we have a long history of serving our many customers since 1959. We've always been about family and providing service that has established MWSS as a leader in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry. Located in the hub of the RV industry of Northern Indiana, MWSS has continued to innovate and grow.

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Appliance Distribution to RV Supplier

In 1959, MWSS was founded by Monte Wechter as an appliance distributorship selling to local retailers. Monte continued running the business until 1984 when he brought in his son Trell to assist with the business through sales and other duties while the business survived through the introduction of big retail stores, like Best Buy, Lowes, Walmart, and Sam’s Club.

In 1996, Monte passed away and Trell stepped up and took over the reins of the business. The customer base and focus of MWSS had changed over the years and MWSS had become actively involved in the Recreational Vehicle and Van Conversion industry. At that time, MWSS was supplying the RV industry with CRT TV’s, speakers, and even the Nintendo gaming system. In addition, the company established a partnership with Frigidaire and quickly became known for that relationship and its ability to supply the RV industry with the Frigidaire product line needed for the growing industry.

The company grew and started manufacturing its own line of products under the Pummel Drive label. Knowing the RV industry and its tight manufacturing deadlines, MWSS established itself as a reliable supplier with an eye for timely delivery, quality products, and great service.

Authorized Distributor of Top Brands For RV's

Now, MWSS is firmly established as the premier supplier and Authorized Distributor of top brands to the RV industry including Frigidaire, GE, Haier, Sharp, Danby, Peerless Premier, and Pummel Drive.

MWSS has established strong manufacturing relationships within the RV industry over the years and is firmly aligned with the values established years ago. With 70,000 square feet of warehouse space, MWSS is able to provide what the RV manufacturing industry needs in a cost-effective, localized setting and is staffed with experts who have deeps roots in the community.

In the last 10 years, the Recreational Vehicle industry has boomed with little sign of slowing down as people of all ages have discovered the lifestyle of "RVing." According to RV historians, the RV industry started in 1910 with few paved roads and even fewer gas stations. The conveniences were pretty sparse. Forget about indoor plumbing! But the freedom afforded by blazing your own trails appealed to many Americans.

If you are new to the RV life and looking for some info on how to choose the right class B motorhome, here is a guide for you. It is completely free and packed with practical tips and advice.

The vehicles, equipment, and RV parks may have changed over the years but the allure and freedom provided by just hitting the road with the people you love has not.