Before You Leave – Our Best RV Prep Tips

Spontaneous trips are fun and all, but being prepared and planning ahead for your RV excursion can have some major advantages. If you are thinking about getting out in your RV soon, we put together some tips to get you started. From RV maintenance to packing your lawn chairs – we’ve got you covered.

Create a Schedule and Make Your Plans

Surveys show that the number one reason why people give up their RV is that they don’t use it enough. Don’t let that be you! Make a schedule at the beginning of the year to encourage using your coach more frequently and get out to see the country! 

Also, be sure to start researching your route and booking your campsites. RVing is growing in popularity, and it might be more difficult to get into your desired campground without a little bit of planning. Knowing your general destination, how to get there, and what you need to bring with you can help you enjoy the journey even more. 

Inspect Your RV

Before you get on the road, be sure to inspect your RV. Because most RV’s don’t get used every day and often sit outside for an extended period of time, certain parts can get worn down or damaged due to weather. 

Prior to heading out, you’ll want to give yourself some time to inspect and repair as needed. We put together a short checklist of 8 essential areas here, including your RV appliances

Don’t Neglect Regular Maintenance

We always recommend yearly appointments with a licensed RV service provider. Especially if this is your first time out in a while, getting your RV inspected and serviced by a professional is crucial. Regular RV maintenance is just as important as taking your car in to get the oil changed. 

Stock Up on RV Essentials

You know what they say about being up a creek without a paddle. When you’re exploring the great outdoors in your RV, you don’t want to end up far away from a convenience store and realize you’ve forgotten something important!

Start every trip by stocking up on the essential RVing gear as well as the items that make life more comfortable on the road. 

And don’t forget to plan meals in advance. Whether you have the GE 9.8 Cu. Ft. 12V Refrigerator, a compact refrigerator, or a spacious residential refrigerator in your RV, be sure to plan your meals and stock up on food. Space may be hard to come by typically, but these days RV refrigerators are spacious and efficient enabling you to plan for more meals.

There are so many beautiful places to see and experience, and an RV is the perfect vehicle to explore in. With these tips, you’ll be more prepared than ever to spend some time on the road. Happy trails!

Customizing your RV is an important part of making it truly your home, both on and off of the road. From small customizations installing RV kitchen appliances to completely renovating it, there are a variety of approaches you can take as an RV owner to personalize your vehicle. Some of our favorite ways to customize your RV can be done yourself through a do-it-yourself project! Especially during these current times, projects of this nature are a great way to spend your time and invest in your camper now so that it is ready-to-go when we are all able to get back out traveling and exploring.

woman enjoying coffee in her RV

The Top 4 Ways You Can Customize Your RV

1. Update Your Appliances Or Get Creative With Appliance Covers

If you have an outdated appliance among an array of newer models, we first recommend updating your appliances with one of these GE Appliances, such as the 12V DC refrigerators or the GE Profile Series OTR Ovens. New appliances will give a clean and modern look to your RV. Not only do new appliances allow you to achieve a custom look and feel, but they also allow for an all-around more enjoyable RV camping experience. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix in the meantime before you're able to purchase new appliances, covers are a great alternative.

Appliance covers can create the illusion that you have brand new appliances and have invested lots of time and money into the appearance of your camper. They can also keep your appliances from getting dirty and avoiding extra clean up time.

2. Removable Wallpaper and Wall Art

For an inexpensive and easy way to quickly change the interior of your RV, removable wallpaper is a great option! This is an inexpensive way to drastically change the aesthetic of the inside of your camper without undergoing an intense renovation process. You can complete this easy DIY project in a matter of hours with no mess or clean-up.

Another easy way to customize your RV is wall art. There are sticker and peelable wall art options that can be added to the walls of your camper in order to help transform your space without doing any damage. Other fun ways to incorporate art into your space include a themed sign, wall quote, or art piece, which adds more of a personal feel to your RV home.

3. Flooring Options For All

Changing your flooring is no longer a job that the pros need to do! You can easily update, re-do, and customize the floors of your RV with some easy tools and products.

We recommend using laminate or vinyl flooring options if you are wanting to personalize the look of your camper while saving a few bucks along the way. Both laminate and vinyl flooring can be cut with a utility knife or with a vinyl tile cutter (similar to an art teacher’s paper cutter), making it easy to create specific sizes for your RV.

The best part about today’s laminate and vinyl is that they can be installed in anywhere from a day to a few hours by someone with little to no previous experience, making it the perfect project for an RV owner like yourself. There are many flooring patterns and colors that you can choose from to enhance the atmosphere inside of your RV.

4. Reupholstering Your Furniture

For all of our crafty, DIY-ers, we have a final RV customization tip just for you. Re-upholstering your old or worn down furniture is a quick thing you can do to save yourself some money and give your outdated pieces a new look!

In order to successfully re-upholster your RV furniture, follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Remove the old fabric
  2. Measure and buy the appropriate amount of fabric to cover your piece of furniture
  3. Attach or sew the new pattern onto the piece of furniture
  4. Enjoy your freshly updated piece!

For a more in-depth tutorial on how to reupholster a piece of furniture, check out this article from Better Homes and Gardens magazine here.

Overall, your RV should be unique to you and have all the comforts of home. In order to give your camper that "homey" feeling, customize your interior and exterior as much as possible! These little touches will allow you to express your style and taste for not only your family to enjoy, but your guests as well while you are on the road!

If you are in need of any RV appliancesaccessories, or electronics like RV speakers to spruce up your camper with this spring, shop our online store or contact our team with any specific questions you may have.

Whether you are designing your RV from scratch or simply remodeling your camper, today we want to share some of the top RV designs that are sure to inspire and delight your guests. After decades of wear, your RV design and decor becomes outdated and in need of refreshing. Many trends in home design change with the seasons and can go out of style as quickly as you incorporate them into your decor. Our goal for all of our customers is that you will choose designs that are timeless and will stay in style for many seasons to come.

rv design

1. Farmhouse Style and Aesthetic

The farmhouse trend is a popular home design style that has been around for decades in true farmhouses in the country but has quickly become one of the most popular home design trends of the 21st century. The farmhouse aesthetic is meant to capture the true essence of a country farmhouse- minus the chickens and cows, but to each their own.

Some of the major components of the modern farmhouse style include:

2. Bold Patterns

If the farmhouse feel isn't your cup of tea, there's another style that is popular among RV designs to make your small space come to life. A common trend we have seen in the last year or two is the use of bold, geometric patterns in spaces around the RV. This provides a fun, modern feel to campers that can feel outdated without the addition of any contemporary decor or pieces.

3. Open Concept/Floor Plans

This is one of the biggest changes we have noticed in RVs in recent years among recently designed or remodeled campers. Many of the newer RV models are featuring larger, more spacious kitchens. Similar to houses, design trends have lended to adding more kitchen and counter space- as the kitchen oftens acts as a common space that families and friends gather to eat, talk, and celebrate together.

4. Large and Extra Windows

Lastly, a recent pattern we have noticed in newer RV models is large windows covering more surface area. Manufacturers are coming up with new and more creative places to add in windows to RV floor plans. The whole idea behind more windows is to bring in more natural light and make the campers feel more spacious/bigger.

5. Modern Appliances

One aspect that makes up any great design- home or RV- is a great kitchen full of new, top-of-the-line appliances. We carry state-of-the-art RV appliances ranging from refrigerators, microwaves, ovens/stovetops, and more! Outdated appliances can leave your RV looking stuck in the past and dull to your guests. Updating your applainces when they need to be replaced is a great way to keep a modern look and feel to your camper, no matter the year, make, or model.

We hope that these design elements inspire you to renovate or update your RV, or give you ideas to use when you are designing your camper. Our team at MWSS is always happy to help supply your camper with the accessories, electronics, and appliances to make your RV design dreams come to life. Shop our online store or contact us today with any questions you may have.

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