Customizing your RV is an important part of making it truly your home, both on and off of the road. From small customizations installing RV kitchen appliances to completely renovating it, there are a variety of approaches you can take as an RV owner to personalize your vehicle. Some of our favorite ways to customize your RV can be done yourself through a do-it-yourself project! Especially during these current times, projects of this nature are a great way to spend your time and invest in your camper now so that it is ready-to-go when we are all able to get back out traveling and exploring.

woman enjoying coffee in her RV

The Top 4 Ways You Can Customize Your RV

1. Update Your Appliances Or Get Creative With Appliance Covers

If you have an outdated appliance among an array of newer models, we first recommend updating your appliances with one of these GE Appliances, such as the 12V DC refrigerators or the GE Profile Series OTR Ovens. New appliances will give a clean and modern look to your RV. Not only do new appliances allow you to achieve a custom look and feel, but they also allow for an all-around more enjoyable RV camping experience. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix in the meantime before you're able to purchase new appliances, covers are a great alternative.

Appliance covers can create the illusion that you have brand new appliances and have invested lots of time and money into the appearance of your camper. They can also keep your appliances from getting dirty and avoiding extra clean up time.

2. Removable Wallpaper and Wall Art

For an inexpensive and easy way to quickly change the interior of your RV, removable wallpaper is a great option! This is an inexpensive way to drastically change the aesthetic of the inside of your camper without undergoing an intense renovation process. You can complete this easy DIY project in a matter of hours with no mess or clean-up.

Another easy way to customize your RV is wall art. There are sticker and peelable wall art options that can be added to the walls of your camper in order to help transform your space without doing any damage. Other fun ways to incorporate art into your space include a themed sign, wall quote, or art piece, which adds more of a personal feel to your RV home.

3. Flooring Options For All

Changing your flooring is no longer a job that the pros need to do! You can easily update, re-do, and customize the floors of your RV with some easy tools and products.

We recommend using laminate or vinyl flooring options if you are wanting to personalize the look of your camper while saving a few bucks along the way. Both laminate and vinyl flooring can be cut with a utility knife or with a vinyl tile cutter (similar to an art teacher’s paper cutter), making it easy to create specific sizes for your RV.

The best part about today’s laminate and vinyl is that they can be installed in anywhere from a day to a few hours by someone with little to no previous experience, making it the perfect project for an RV owner like yourself. There are many flooring patterns and colors that you can choose from to enhance the atmosphere inside of your RV.

4. Reupholstering Your Furniture

For all of our crafty, DIY-ers, we have a final RV customization tip just for you. Re-upholstering your old or worn down furniture is a quick thing you can do to save yourself some money and give your outdated pieces a new look!

In order to successfully re-upholster your RV furniture, follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Remove the old fabric
  2. Measure and buy the appropriate amount of fabric to cover your piece of furniture
  3. Attach or sew the new pattern onto the piece of furniture
  4. Enjoy your freshly updated piece!

For a more in-depth tutorial on how to reupholster a piece of furniture, check out this article from Better Homes and Gardens magazine here.

Overall, your RV should be unique to you and have all the comforts of home. In order to give your camper that "homey" feeling, customize your interior and exterior as much as possible! These little touches will allow you to express your style and taste for not only your family to enjoy, but your guests as well while you are on the road!

If you are in need of any RV appliancesaccessories, or electronics like RV speakers to spruce up your camper with this spring, shop our online store or contact our team with any specific questions you may have.

Fall camping season is here! And if you know anything about RV camping- or camping at all for that matter, then you know that the Midwest is home to some of the most prime camping spots in the United States. From lush green landscapes to sand dunes and mountaintops, there is something to see and enjoy no matter what campsite or region you choose to visit. Today we want to share our top recommendations on the best campgrounds to visit in the Midwest, their top amenities, and everything in between.

RV Camping out west

The Top 4 RV Campgrounds to Visit in the Midwest

1. Hayward KOA- Hayward, Wisconsin 

Hayward KOA is a massive 157 RV site and 31 cabin wooded campground in Wisconsin. At Hayward, they offer a variety of camping styles, ranging from rustic to modern based on your preferred style. There are also various RV and pop-up camping options, including:

As you can see, no matter what your needs are, Hayward KOA has an option that you will love when camping at their site! Their campgrounds are award-winning, family-oriented, critically-acclaimed, activity-filled, exceptionally-located camping destinations. Check them out for yourself this season!

2. Brown County State Park- Nashville, Indiana 

Nicknamed the "Little Smokies" because of the area’s resemblance to the Great Smoky Mountains, Brown County encompasses nearly 16,000 acres of rugged hills, ridges and fog-shrouded ravines. As Indiana’s largest park, it is a traditional fall color hot spot, with nearly 20 miles of tree-lined roads and many scenic vistas overlooking miles of forest.

The park’s rustic Abe Martin Lodge offers accommodations that include motel rooms, cabins, dining and conference facilities, and an indoor water park. Large campgrounds, hiking and mountain biking trails, interpretive services, a saddle barn for guided horse rides and a separate horseman campground with 70 miles of horse trails are some of the things that make Brown County State Park popular year-round.

The surrounding county and nearby Indiana town of Nashville are famous for their unique shopping, dining, arts and crafts, history, entertainment, and outdoor adventure opportunities.

Here are the Top Five Things To Do:

  1. Climb the 90’ Fire Tower for a breath-taking view of the hills o’ Brown.
  2. See the rare (and state-endangered) Yellowwood tree on Trail 5.
  3. Visit the nature center to see the rare, state-endangered timber rattlesnake.
  4. Jump in the Water Park pool, newly constructed at Abe Martin Lodge.
  5. Watch a sunrise or sunset from a vista.

3. Eugene T. Mahoney State Park - Ashland, Nebraska 

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park offers year-round accommodations and recreational use. This modern park offers a spectacular variety of lodging, group meeting facilities, and activities. Located near Ashland, just off of I-80 at exit 426, Mahoney nestles on 700 acres along the beautiful Platte River.
Near the park there are several attractions such as Platte River State Park, the Strategic Air and Space Museum, Lee G. Simmons Conservation Park, Quarry Oaks Golf Club, and Iron Horse Golf Club.

Some of the park's amenities include:

4. Merry Mac's Campground - Merrimac, Wisconsin

Merry Mac’s Campground is a family-friendly campground nestled between the South shore of Devil’s Lake and Lake Wisconsin. This 40-acre facility offers activities for all age groups: swimming pool, beach, swimming pond with water inflatables, jumping pillow, dunk tank, miniature golf, playground, sand volleyball, basketball, gaga ball pit, and bikes. No matter if you are an expert camper or a beginner, Merry Mac's has options that you and your family will love!

They offer seasonal sites that can be purchased by the individual, family, or group for a set rate. Each seasonal site includes water, garbage services, a direct sewer or transfer tank, and metered electric. Some of the campground's other amenities include:

If you are in need of updating your camper before your upcoming fall camping trip to the midwest, let MWSS equip you with all of the RV appliances and accessories to spice up your space! Contact us now with any questions you have.

Fall is here and our team at MWSS, Inc. is so excited for all of the upcoming fall festivities, including fall RV camping trips! Planning an RV camping trip is not always an easy thing to do.. so we are here to give you our top tips on how to plan the best trip this fall. From knowing what to pack on your checklist of essentials to where you should camp, and everything in between- here is our list of the top 5 tips to follow.

RV campground site

1. Know What to Pack

This is where a checklist becomes your best friend. Not only does it ensure you have all of the items you need packed and ready to go, but it helps to stay organized throughout the packing process. We have another blog dedicated on things to consider during your upcoming fall RV camping trip. Here is a quick overview of the top essentials you will need:

Knowing what items to pack and having a checklist handy will make your life as a camper a whole lot easier. You will be less likely to forget necessary items and be prepared for anything that comes your way on the trip.

2. Pick the Perfect Destination

There are multiple things to consider when choosing the perfect fall destination for your RV camping trip. One of the top must-haves for fall camping is the perfect destination. Here are a few things to consider as you choose your vacation location:

The climate and weather of the region you choose to camp in this fall makes a huge difference. Depending on how north you go, temperatures can range from the 60s to the 30s- making it harder to anticipate what the weather will look like during your stay.

The key is to do your homework and pack for the weather no matter where your fall camping destination is.

3. Prep Your RV For Travel

One of the most important things you can do to have a successful RV camping trip is to prep your RV before traveling. Without a reliable, dependable vehicle you will not be able to have a safe trip to and from your RV camping site. In order to prep your RV for travel, you need to do the complete the following steps:

4. Expect the Unexpected

This ties into our previous tip of picking your destination and knowing what to pack on your camping expedition. With any trip, there can be bumps in the road and things do not always go according to plan... no matter how prepared you think you are prior to departing. This is just a part of life and can't be avoided. However, a smart camper will expect the unexpected. From unpredictable weather to a full campground, things may not as always go your way but it is best to have come prepared with backups (for literally everything) in mind. Backup equipment, backup campsites, backup clothing... if you can think it, you should probably have a backup somewhere in your RV! All of this comes with having a good attitude. No matter what comes your way, if your mindset is in a good place, you will have a great trip no matter the circumstances that you encounter. This leads us to our last and final tip for you.

5. Have Fun!

That really is the point of a an RV camping trip- no matter the season. We assure you that no matter what season you decide to go RV camping in, there will be good times and memories to follow with your family and friends. However, we're biased and think that fall is the best time to plan your next RV camping trip! S'mores, campfires, and gorgeous foliage surrounding you- what more could you ask for!

If you are in need of updated appliances or electronics before your upcoming fall RV camping trip, let us equip your RV with the best in the business. Contact us today or shop our online store now.

Fall is here, finally! And while we are waiting for the weather to cool down, we want our customers to get prepared for the upcoming fall camping season. Today we want to share our top tips and tricks to make your upcoming fall RV camping trip one to remember. MWSS, Inc. is here to equip your RV or camper with all of the electronics, appliances, and accessories to enhance your trip and make it the best it can possibly be. Keep reading to find out how to make the most of your fall camping trip this year.

Planning is Key

But we do not frown upon spontaneous camping trips either. However, a planned out fall camping trip tends to go smoother than a random, unplanned one. Planning out your upcoming camping trip will ensure that you do not miss a beat when packing for your trip and reduce the number of interruptions or bumps along the way. Here are some tips for optimum planning when organizing your next RV camping trip this fall:

Our key tip is that planning will only enhance and make your fall camping experience more enjoyable and less stressful. 

Food For Thought

One of the most important items to pack is food. In the case of eating and drinking, it is always best to have more than you need versus less. Once you are on your campground, and even on the way, it is difficult to stop for extra supplies or have to leave your campsite all together to make a food run. This is why we recommend writing out a list of all the food/drinks you want to pack on your fall camping trip. That way it is easier to navigate while shopping, packing, and double-check before you depart.

Here are some items that will take your camping treats to the next level:

The key tip is to pack extras and always think of easy, convenient ways to incorporate food into your fall camping plans. 

Supply Your Site

In our previous blogs, we've discussed all of the things you should pack on your fall camping trip. Checklists are essential in packing all of the necessary items you should have onsite at your campground. However, there are always extra items you will want to bring on your trip, even if you think that you will never use them.

Here is our list of extras we think should be on your list:

These may all sound a bit random, but we promise that yo will find a use for all of the items mentioned while camping.

Although camping requires planning, packing, and extra thought, it is well worth it and tons of fun! Fall camping might just be our favorite season to RV camp in... here's why! Most bugs are not out as heavily as they were during the spring and summer months, the weather is cooler and perfect to enjoy day and night, and the colors of fall make for a beautiful camping scenery! We hope this blog has given you some extra insights on how to make the most of your fall RV camping trip this year. If you are in need of updating any appliances or accessories in your RV before your upcoming trip, let MWSS help! Contact us today for all of your RV needs or shop our online store now.

Summer is almost here, which means that prime RV camping season is quickly approaching! We are thrilled for this upcoming time of the year at MWSS, Inc. and are excited to share new, innovative products with our customers to keep your RVs fresh and updated during this summer. Before the weather truly heats up, take time and address any maintenance issues in your RV that you may not have taken care of during the fall or winter. This will save you time and money so you can get on the road to your desired destination as soon as summer hits! In preparation for your RV camping trips this summer, we have compiled a list of our top places to visit and camp this summer.

RV Campgrounds to Visit By Region

No matter where you are located in the country, there is a campground nearby that could be the next destination for your upcoming summer RV camping trip. There are hidden gems located across the country that are the perfect spots for summer camping. Today we want to share a list of our favorite campsites and recommendations for where you should plan your next trip based on what region you are located in. 

The West Coast

The Mid-West

The NorthEast 

The South

We hope this list of our recommendations for the best summer campsites to visit across the states will help you plan your upcoming summer camping trip! Our team at MWSS encourages you to get outside of your comfort zone this camping season and try out a new campsite you have never stayed at before- or better yet, explore a region you have never visited! Sometimes the most spontaneous, adventurous trips make the best memories. If you have any questions for our team or need assistance prepping your RV with new appliances or electronics before the summer camping season arrives, contact us now. 

The space in your RV is limited, which is why you have to travel light, smart, and most of all- come prepared with the best RV appliances and accessories to make your camping trip a success! At MWSS, we want to provide our customers with the best possible appliances and electronics in the RV industry. Additionally, we are here to share some of our favorite RV accessories that will enhance you and your family's camping experience. Some of the smallest additions can truly impact the way you camp and how successful you are in your approach.

Electronics/Technology Are Valuable- Especially At Your Campsite 

Although some campers love the idea of unplugging from the hussle and bussle of their daily lives and take a break from their phones/other electronics, the use of technology can be very beneficial on a camping expedition. Here are our top three picks for the must-have electronics you need this camping season: 

Whether you spend most of your time inside the RV or if you're outdoors adventuring, having multiple charging ports on deck is always handy and a good idea. For either your cell phone or one of your many portable electronics- having the ability to charge them at an easy convenience is helpful. Many RV manufacturers have started to make their campers with USB charging stations into furniture such as in cupholders on chairs and couches. 

Especially in the middle of the woods or on a dark campsite, having proper lighting not only provides necessary lighting for nighttime activities, but for safety purposes. During extreme weather conditions, LED lights give high intensity, bright lighting to assist the driver- making a safer trip possible. 

Similar to newer vehicles in the last ten years, back-up cameras all the rage in newer RV models. The size and capacity of RVs can make it difficult for drivers to safely operate these vehicles. Back-up cameras make it easy to reverse and be more aware of their surroundings. 

Outdoor Accessories: 

A fun feature to add to your RV is an outdoor RV speaker system. One of our top audio companies we work with at MWSS is Pummel. They have a wide variety of audio speakers that are perfect to install on the outside of your RV to project great tunes and music around your RV. One of our favorite RV exterior speakers is the PUMMEL DRIVE RV/MARINE SPEAKERS 5.25" BLACK (PD-525-BW)

No matter the season, a camping staple is sitting around a campfire with your family and friends- enjoying s'mores or roasting hotdogs is an enjoyable memory. Having a portable propane fire pit makes it easy to set up anywhere you go on your trip. 

When the hot, humid months of summer come- which will be here before we know it, the air inside of your RV can be become muggy and uncomfortable. Poor ventilation or even just the opening and closing of your main door can cause all of your air conditioning to literally go right out the door! An air mulitplier table fan can cool an entire room with ease, making it the perfect indoor staple for your spring/summer camping trips. 

One of our featured RV accessories is the black satin lifestyle table. This table can be attached to the side of your RV with easy installation and no damage to the exterior of your vehicle. It can be used for almost any occasion, from outdoor barbecues to gathering supplies before a hike. The lifestyle table we carry is made of stainless steel and aluminum to hold up to 55 pounds. 

Indoor Accessories:

The Instant Pot is an innovative approach to quick, easy cooking. Similar to a crockpot, it has an all-in-one cooking concept that can do anything from slow cooking to pressure and steam cooking. This cooking device can make your on-the-road meal preparation as fast as ten minutes to thaw, prep, and cook a full chicken dish- it's that easy with the Instant Pot and truly changes the nature of your cooking game!

Although some people enjoy the blissfulness of nature when they are on a camping trip, having access to important information via the news for current events, the weather, etc. is important. A television can be an informative and entertaining element to include in your RV for family fun- such as watching movies or even hooking up an XBOX/play station for video games! This can entertain your kids and visitors when they are staying in your RV. One of our favorite brands and models is the Pummel Drive 39" LED HD TV.

Anyone who has ever been on a camping trip knows that you are bound to lose signal at some point on your quest. The same thing goes when you are on your campsite. There is usually a wifi adapter onsite at your campground but with many people, your signal can become limited. A wifi ranger can stretch your signal for up to 2 miles, so you don't have to worry about being close the the campsite router for connection. 

We all know there is a great need for extra storage in an RV. With Sky Tracks, you can get creative about where and how you store your extra belongings. From the ceiling you can install your storage bag to hold your necessary camping items while leaving your RV space free of clutter and in an organized fashion. Check out the grey storage bag and starter bundle we have have available now. 

Keeping your RV up-to-date with the latest and greatest accessories will ensure your camping trip will be a success. If you have any questions regarding the RV accessories we carry at MWSS, contact us here

As spring is in the near future, MWSS wants to give our loyal customers a list of regular RV maintenance tips to follow to have a successful trip without unexpected obstacles along the way. There are 3 main categories of RV maintenance:

Before you take your next RV camping trip, we recommend assessing this checklist of items to ensure you are safe and secure. It could be the difference between a safe, enjoyable trip and a costly, catastrophic one.

We hope these tips prepare you for your upcoming RV camping trip and act as a set of guidelines to practice regular RV maintenance. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to RV maintenance and being proactive can save you the time and stress that comes with an accident or sudden mishap. Contact us here to assist you with any RV appliance and electronics updates before your next RV camping trip.

One of the most important aspects of RV camping is being adequately prepared with your food and drink supply. MWSS is a premier distributor of residential appliances and electronics that are ideal for both used & new RVs. We want your RV to be prepped and ready for the upcoming spring season with updated RV kitchen appliances. Keeping your appliances up-to-date prevents on-the-road mishaps and hassles along the way. For a breakdown of some common mistakes to avoid when RV camping, check out our latest blog here.  Do some early spring cleaning and get rid of those outdated appliances that just aren't working like they used to. Some of the residential refrigerator brands we carry at MWSS include: GE, Haier, Fridgidaire, and Danby. Today we will share all of the things you need to know about RV refrigerators so your food is as good as your camping experience!

1. Make sure your RV is Level Before Installing your Refrigerator

Improper installation due to uneven grounds can cause permanent damage to both. To ensure your RV is level before installation, use a carpenter's level. Rv fridges run differently than a regular fridge in your home. They are run through gas absorption and need level ground to operate efficiently. We don't recommend parking on an incline during your camping trip because it can cause permanent damage to your unit. While driving, staying level is automatically done is for you because the movements of the car mixes the coolant fluid around inside of your refrigerator.

2. Allow Proper Time for Cool-Down Before/After your RV Camping Trip

RV refrigerators do not have as much temperature control as a normal-sized fridge operating in a house or apartment. An RV refrigerator needs adequate time to cool down before it will properly function. We recommend giving your fridge at least a day to cool down before use or departing for a camping trip. Nobody wants to soil their food supply!

3. Install a Fridge Fan

To increase air circulation within your RV fridge, you can purchase a battery-operated refrigerator fan. This will improve circulation and reduce the initial cool down time by nearly 50%! You will install the batteries and place the fan facing upwards into the refrigerator. This fan will increase the overall efficiency of your fridge. This cooling fan also helps evenly distribute air throughout the fridge. A tip to enhance circulation is to not pack your fridge very full.

4. Adjust the Temperature Setting

Whenever cold or hot weather strikes, your RV's temperature settings can be affected. During the hot summer months, your RV refrigerator can take longer to cool down and you should prepare for high temperatures by setting it lower a couple days before you depart for your RV camping trip. Another tip to ensure your food and drinks are properly chilled is to pre-cool or buy products cold before your trip. If you are in extremely cold temperatures, you may need to turn the temperature up a few degrees to match the outside temperature.

If your current RV refrigerator is outdated or needs some TLC, contact our team at MWSS to see how we can update your old appliances and electronics to make your next RV camping trip the best one yet.

Whether you're a first-time RV camper or a veteran, it is always best to be prepared for your trip in order to avoid common RV mistakes. MWSS provides premier appliances and electronics to ensure your RV/camper is ready for your upcoming camping trip and avoid those mistakes that spoil an experience. Here are our top 8 mistakes to avoid on your first RV camping trip:


1. Under-packing/Overpacking

No matter the size of your RV, small or large, it is important to pack the right amount of supplies for your trip. Not packing enough supples can lead to disasters on the road, unnecessary trips and wasted time. It is always better to overpack than under-pack so you are not left without important supplies you need. However, overpacking also has its downfalls. Too much stuff in a small space can drive anyone crazy. Extra supplies takes up space for recreation and sleeping which are two of the most important aspects of a trip in order to have fun and be well-rested while you're at it.

2. Not Making Reservations

Campgrounds can get booked and crowded very quickly in the prime seasons of RV camping. We recommend making reservations days, weeks, and even months before your camping trip in order to secure a spot at your favorite campsite before it gets too crowded. The earlier you reserve a spot, the more likely you are to get a spot you want among a crowded campsite.

3. Not Planning Your Route Ahead of Time

Maps, GPS, and research are all effective means to plan the route you want to take to your campground before you leave for your trip. Getting lost is never fun on the road. Planning your route in advance will save you extra time on the road that you could be using to actually camp- which is the whole point of your trip! Plan out when to leave for your site/when to head home to avoid bad weather, construction, etc. that will slow you down on your journey and take away valuable time for your trip.

4. Drive-off Disasters

A water hose drifting from the back of the RV, your awning not properly put down, and low tire pressure are all examples of drive-off disasters that result when you don't properly inspect your vehicle before leaving the campsite. These disasters can take hours upon hours to fix and when you are in route to get can be a nightmare to deal with. These can be avoided by doing a walk-around tour of your RV after you have packed up and are ready to go. We suggest doing the walk-around twice, just to double check all things are secure and ready for the trip home. It is always better to be safe than sorry in these situations and save yourself the hassle of wasting time and money fixing these issues.

5. Not Learning your RV Inside & Out

Knowing how to operate your RV is vital in the operational success of your vehicle. All of those small valves and buttons have a purpose, and as the driver, it is your responsibility to understand what all parts are working efficiently. It is best to stick with the pros on RV maintenance and read the instruction manual provided by your RV dealer. This can save you the hassle of needing a mechanic because you attempted a "DIY" that was meant for an expert. Also, when you are on your own on the road, you need to be the "expert" and know your RV from front to back, inside and out. Nobody takes off on their bike before learning how to ride, and the same is true with an RV. Learn how to operate your vehicle before setting out on a trip.

6. Not Using a Check-list

Preparation is key when it comes to packing for trips. This refers back to tip #1- under-packing vs. overpacking. Without using a check-list, you are very likely to forget an important item or pack too many items you don't really need. It is best to categorize your checklist in order to ensure all things are accounted for before departing. Here are the main 4 main categories we suggest using on your RV Check-list: Food/Water, Other Supplies, Tools, Clothes/Footwear.

For a more detailed list of our must-have camping items, check out our blog here on Important Things to Consider When RV Camping in the Fall and Winter.

 7. Not Making/Following a Budget

Rv Camping is a great time for family, friends, and strangers to come together for a relaxing getaway filled with s'mores by the fire, sleeping under the stars, and cozy living. However, this fun does not come at a small cost. Supplies, food, and upgrades can be expensive for a large vehicle such an as RV- not to mention gas! To keep you and your family on financial track, make a budget before-hand and stick to it as closely as possible to avoid unplanned extra fees along the way.

8. Being Afraid of RVing

Don't be afraid of the challenge of embarking on an RV trip! Yes, there is lots to do before/after to ensure you have a successful trip. But the rewards is so much greater than the challenges. After your first trip, you will have learned some Do's & Don'ts on the art of successful camping and be well-prepared for your next trip! Always remember the benefits over the burdens.

If you are still in need of more tips on how to have the best RV camping experience and avoid common mistakes, check out our blog, Beginner's Tips for RV Camping, here. For more information of how to update your RV before the spring camping season, contact us here on upgrading your RV's appliances and electronics.

Before embarking on the the act of RV camping, it is important to prepare yourself with a list of tips for success. MWSS, Inc. wants to be your RV Camping Guide and give you all of the Beginner's Tips we think you need for a successful first camping trip. From being seasonally prepared to the supplies you pack, knowing the tricks of RV camping will enhance the overall success of your trip. Check out two of our recent blogs about RV camping in the fall and winter to be prepared for the best seasonal tips for RV camping. We hope these tips act similarly to an "RVing for dummies" book and give you successful tips you can utilize for your first RV camping trip.

7 Tips For RV Camping Beginners

  1. Decide whether to rent or buy an RV: Depending on how often you plan on RV camping, renting can be the best option for occasional camping trips or testing the waters to see if it is right for you, however, if your family plans on 4+ camping trips a year, it can be wise to invest in an RV of your own
  2. Get familiar with your RV: Knowing how to drive an RV, best ways to address mechanical problems with your RV, how many mpg it gets, etc. for the best operations of your RV
  3. Map out the Route to your Camping Destination: The days of using paper maps while on the road is long behind us in this age of technology, however, technology is not always reliable. Phones die, chargers don't work, and outlets can give out on us in our greatest times of need. In order to prevent a directional disaster, it is a good idea to Mapquest your Route before leaving and sharing it with others on your trip. All members will have a sense of direction
  4. Come prepared: Having a list of essential items for any camping trip is crucial to the success of your trip, but seasonally crafting your list of essentials will boost your trip to the next level.
    • Food and Drink supply: for indoor/outdoor cooking, water
    • Checklist of supplies: clothing, sleeping equipment, tools
    • Pack light- the goal is to come prepared but saving space and time so only pack what you think you might need in the case of an emergency aside from the daily essentials
  5. Go with a Pro Rv-er: A tip we recommend is having a family member or friend tag along for your camping trip who has been camping a time or two. Most camping veterans know a thing or two about the best tips to follow and the unnecessary 'camping myths' that are a waste of your time from their experience.
  6. Arrive & Depart Early From Your Campground/Destination: Although, it may not seem important, having ample daylight and time to set up your campground sets the tone for your camping trip. When you arrive to a campground too late, you are likely to miss the best spots to park at. When your RV camping trip comes to an end, it is wise to pack up and leave before the crowd does. This will save you time getting out of the campground without having to wait in a long line and beat traffic on your route home.
  7. Learn and Have Fun: Although your first RV camping experience may seem stressful, don't forget that the whole point is to enjoy the ride and have a good time. Through trial and error, you will find the best techniques and approaches that work best for you and your crew that you will use the next trip you take. Learn from others around you and enjoy your RV camping trip!

We hope these RV beginners tips have given you valuable information you can use on your first RV camping trip. If you are in need of equipping your current RV with the latest appliances and technology, contact us here to see how we can vamp your vehicle before your next adventure.

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