Before embarking on the the act of RV camping, it is important to prepare yourself with a list of tips for success. MWSS, Inc. wants to be your RV Camping Guide and give you all of the Beginner's Tips we think you need for a successful first camping trip. From being seasonally prepared to the supplies you pack, knowing the tricks of RV camping will enhance the overall success of your trip. Check out two of our recent blogs about RV camping in the fall and winter to be prepared for the best seasonal tips for RV camping. We hope these tips act similarly to an "RVing for dummies" book and give you successful tips you can utilize for your first RV camping trip.

7 Tips For RV Camping Beginners

  1. Decide whether to rent or buy an RV: Depending on how often you plan on RV camping, renting can be the best option for occasional camping trips or testing the waters to see if it is right for you, however, if your family plans on 4+ camping trips a year, it can be wise to invest in an RV of your own
  2. Get familiar with your RV: Knowing how to drive an RV, best ways to address mechanical problems with your RV, how many mpg it gets, etc. for the best operations of your RV
  3. Map out the Route to your Camping Destination: The days of using paper maps while on the road is long behind us in this age of technology, however, technology is not always reliable. Phones die, chargers don't work, and outlets can give out on us in our greatest times of need. In order to prevent a directional disaster, it is a good idea to Mapquest your Route before leaving and sharing it with others on your trip. All members will have a sense of direction
  4. Come prepared: Having a list of essential items for any camping trip is crucial to the success of your trip, but seasonally crafting your list of essentials will boost your trip to the next level.
    • Food and Drink supply: for indoor/outdoor cooking, water
    • Checklist of supplies: clothing, sleeping equipment, tools
    • Pack light- the goal is to come prepared but saving space and time so only pack what you think you might need in the case of an emergency aside from the daily essentials
  5. Go with a Pro Rv-er: A tip we recommend is having a family member or friend tag along for your camping trip who has been camping a time or two. Most camping veterans know a thing or two about the best tips to follow and the unnecessary 'camping myths' that are a waste of your time from their experience.
  6. Arrive & Depart Early From Your Campground/Destination: Although, it may not seem important, having ample daylight and time to set up your campground sets the tone for your camping trip. When you arrive to a campground too late, you are likely to miss the best spots to park at. When your RV camping trip comes to an end, it is wise to pack up and leave before the crowd does. This will save you time getting out of the campground without having to wait in a long line and beat traffic on your route home.
  7. Learn and Have Fun: Although your first RV camping experience may seem stressful, don't forget that the whole point is to enjoy the ride and have a good time. Through trial and error, you will find the best techniques and approaches that work best for you and your crew that you will use the next trip you take. Learn from others around you and enjoy your RV camping trip!

We hope these RV beginners tips have given you valuable information you can use on your first RV camping trip. If you are in need of equipping your current RV with the latest appliances and technology, contact us here to see how we can vamp your vehicle before your next adventure.

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