9 Perks of 12V Refrigeration for RVs

A good refrigerator isn’t just a convenience while you’re camping, it’s a necessity. Whether your focus is on cold beverages or keeping fruits, veggies and meat fresh, the right appliance is an important decision.

When you don’t have space for a residential fridge in your RV, 12V refrigerators are the next best thing. Available in a variety of sizes, these refrigerators come with a whole list of features that make them the perfect solution for your RV.

12V DC Power

This common power supply is designed for use in RVs, boats and solar homes, making these units the perfect size for an energy-conscious RVer.


When you don’t have room for a residential-sized refrigerator in your RV, 12V refrigerators are a great solution. Their low-profile meets your needs, while leaving you room for countertops or other kitchen appliances. They have the perfect capacity for a weekend away.

High-Performance Battery

12V refrigerators are built for battery performance. Their semi-automatic defrost design saves energy, unlike traditional automatic defrost freezers.

Compressor Cooling System

Unlike some larger refrigerators, 12V fridges don’t require external RV ventilation. This cooling system actually ends up saving you energy, as it's designed with 12V power in mind.

Deep Shelves 

While these refrigerators may look small on the outside, they are still the perfect size for you to store all of your necessities. The shelves are deep enough to accommodate large items like pizza boxes and bagged ice.

LED lighting

LED lights make it easy to see what is inside. This includes the 12V compact refrigerators, as well. No more fumbling around in the dark!

Adjustable, Spill-Proof Glass Shelves 

Adjustable shelves in your fridge and freezer allow for customization and easy food organization and storage. Plus, their glass is designed to hold spills for easy cleanup.

Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawers 

The way the drawers in these refrigerators are designed helps preserve fresh fruits and vegetables for longer. Plus, they’re clear for quick access.

Multiple Options

MWSS offers 12V refrigerators in multiple sizes and colors so that you can find the perfect fridge for your space. When you just need room for a few necessities, a black or stainless steel 5.6 cu. ft. 12V compact fridge could be the one for you. Or if your needs are a little greater, the black or stainless steel 9.8 cu. ft. fridge with a top freezer can solve all your problems.

At MWSS, we’re dedicated to helping owners, dealers and more find the perfect appliances for their RVs. When you’re short on space, but still want all the perks of a high-quality refrigerator, 12V refrigeration is your solution.

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