6 Benefits of GE Appliances Tankless Water Heaters

Electric tankless water heaters, like this one by GE Appliances (GEA), are becoming more popular for RVers because of their small size and great benefits. While these systems come with a higher price tag than traditional water heaters and installation is more complex, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages for frequent RVers.

Unlimited hot water

The biggest benefit of tankless water heaters is never running out of hot water. Rather than storing hot water, which is not always the best solution for RVers, a tankless system heats the water as it passes through. This means you have instant and continuous hot water as long as you have electricity.

Point of use installation

Another great thing about this GEA water heater is its low profile. These systems take up a lot less space and are installed at the point of use, for hot water where you need it. The proximity of point-of-use water heaters allows hot water to arrive quickly and efficiently, meaning warmth on demand. No more waiting around for a hot shower or washing your hands in near-frozen water.

Remote control

This GEA tankless water heater is designed to be used in one of two different ways. You can adjust the temperature and settings with an easy-to-use and intuitive touch screen, or you can conveniently change the settings with remote control from up to 30 feet away. 

Being able to control your water temperature from a distance is handier than you might think. For one, your point-of-use unit may be close, but it could also be hard to get to. It is also convenient for families who may not all use the same water temperature for showers. You can turn up the heat as much as you want and then dial it back when it’s the kids’ turn.

Self-modulating technology

This tankless water heater brings smart tech into your RV so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating temperatures. This system is self-modulating, meaning it optimizes usages and keeps water temperature consistent using inlet and outlet temperature sensors.

Energy efficient

If you use your RV often enough, then you could see some amazing energy savings. While the upfront costs of this system may be higher than more traditional units, the savings alone could pay for this water heater in a matter of years. This is because there is no nonstop energy use keeping water in a tank hot at all times. A tankless system only uses electricity or gas when a faucet is turned on.


Just because this tankless system comes in a small package doesn’t mean its performance is any lower. The GEA tankless water heater runs up to 0.7 gallons per minute, which is enough to run one faucet in multiple climates.

Just like with any other system or appliance, there are pros and cons to a tankless water heater. With this GEA water heater, though, the benefits really stand out, and we recommend installing this system to anyone who lives full-time in an RV or finds themselves camping more than a couple of times a year. 

If you think this system is right for you, shop GE Appliances Tankless Water Heaters here.

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