3 Must-Do Tasks for RV Air Conditioner Maintenance

Like anything in your RV, performing regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit will keep it in tip-top shape and extend its lifespan. Looking over any AC unit on-board your RV at least once a year is the best way to keep it in working order.

1. Check the Outside of your RV Air Conditioner Unit

The outside cover of your rooftop air conditioner not only gives your RV a streamlined look but also protects the inner workings from weather damage. Don’t forget to always use caution when checking your rooftop AC unit.  

Look for debris and weather damage

Make sure the outside of your RV AC unit is free of debris and ensure that there is no damage to the cover (also known as the shroud). Like most things made of plastic, an air conditioning cover is not indestructible. Hitting a tree branch and other accidents can cause cracks, which could lead to water leaking inside the unit.

Ensure there are no leaks

After making sure the cover is clear of cracks, the next step to making sure no water can accidentally get into your rooftop air conditioner is checking the gaskets. If your unit is mounted poorly then water could leak into your unit, as well as inside your RV. Be sure to check the integrity of each gasket to prevent severe damage.

Straighten any bent cooling fins

The vent on the outside of your air conditioning unit ensures airflow into the unit, and therefore into your RV. If any of the fins are bent out of place, this could obstruct airflow and reduce your unit’s cooling ability. The fins should be fairly easy to smooth into place, but be careful not to puncture the condenser tubes.

2. Check the Inside of your RV Air Conditioner Unit

Underneath the cover of your RV air conditioner, you can get a pretty good look at the inner workings. Next time you’re spring cleaning and getting ready for your next round of road trips, don’t forget to clean underneath the air conditioner cover, too.

Clean the filters and ducts

Just like your home or car air filters, RV air conditioner units need to be cleaned, too! These reusable filters in your rooftop unit can be cleaned with soap and water to ensure the highest quality of air possible. While you’re there, you can also vacuum out any debris and dust, as well.

3. Know When to Replace your RV Air Conditioner Unit

While routine maintenance can significantly increase the life of your RV air conditioner, these systems are not built to last forever. 

Thorough cleaning and small fixes can help your unit stay in working condition for a while, but one of the only major parts worth replacing is the starting capacitor for the compressor motor. After that, RV air conditioner repairs get more expensive than they’re worth. When you’re facing too many repairs and high expenses, it is more cost-effective for you to replace the unit.

Whether you’re looking for rooftop air conditioner basic information, an AC part, or an entirely new rooftop AC unit, our team at MWSS can help. Shop all RV Air Conditioners and parts now. For OEM wholesale orders, please contact your sales representative.

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